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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you ready for J-TAC? New Podcast by JTA!

Hello, friends! Before too long, I'll be posting the first episode of J-TAC, Japan Travel Advisor Cast - the official podcast for Japan TravelAdvisor, bringing you news, suggstions, must-know tips, and useful phrases for traveling and living in Japan. Given the tragic disasters that recently struck Japan, and which continue to plague the north-eastern coast with problems, right now is not the ideal time to travel to Japan.

Some time this weekend, I am going to post an essay written by my friend, Rachel, who is an English teacher in Tochigi, Japan, which is one of the prefectures immediately south of Fukushima. Rachel has been with the JET program since August 2008, and her view on the disaster is emotional, hopeful, and unbelievably strong.


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