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Monday, March 7, 2011

Going to Asia? - Asia in the News

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Lauren here, to bring you a few updates from around the internet.

Looking for Photography? Check out "Toshio"'s Flickr photostream, including This Gorgeous Picture of a Japanese Torii. Or how about the Harbin Snow Festival in China?

Eating Vegan in Japan!
If you've not heard, Tokyo has recently outstripped Paris as a food capital of the world, but it can be tough get a vegetarian/vegan meal outside Godzilla's stomping ground. If you haven't been to Japan, you probably find it surprising that such a health-conscious culture doesn't have many vegetarian options. The truth is, meat is present in just about every meal in some way or another, so it could be a challenge for a vegetarian to visit or live in Japan, particularly for someone who doesn't know the language. Vegan is almost impossible. However, one culinary-minded foreigner committed to helping her vegan friends find sustenance in the home of yaki-tori and sushi.

"Tomodachi of a Vegan" is a blog that features almost daily vegan recipes that visitors and residents in Japan can follow to feed themselves, even in rural areas. The most recent post: Hot-Pockets for Dinner looks absolutely delicious. The great part is, most of these recipes can be modified to include meat for us carnivores.

Blog Articles

The Good
Coming Face to Face with History in Hiroshima, Japan in this Gadling.com article, writer Erin de Santiago talks about her decision to visit Hiroshima, Japan, and the impact of history on her present-day travel experience. A brief, moving article.

Siem Reap: 3 Days in Cambodia Gadling.com travel journalist, Justin Delany is back again, this time giving us the low-down on exactly how to spend three days in Cambodia. If you didn't want to go before reading this article, you will once you're done. ATV's, natural temples, and a 3$ foot-massage? Yes, please.

China Flights to Hawaii Despite worries about the complex visa process, the sell-out flights from China to Honolulu indicate success for this new direct flight venture.

The Bad
Vietnam Authorities Suspend Tour Company  A tour company responsible for the deaths of 12 tourists, who died after the ship they were sleeping on sank last month, is now suspended by Vietnamese authorities. Click the link to read more.

The Ugly
North Korea Resumes Construction of World's Most Hideous Hotel again, via Gadling.com, writer Justin Delaney expounds upon NK's decision to resume construction of a hotel begun in the 1980's...which Delaney estimates will cost roughly 5-10% of North Korea's GDP. You have to wonder if Kim Jong Il is expecting travel to increase...

Keep checking back for more news, and some guest blogs by travelers around the world!

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